Mini Sex Doll

Introduction to a Mini Sex Doll

A mini sex doll is a compact sized doll, about the size of a child. It is not a crude replica, the manufacturers study the child's body structure to make a 100% replica, Its skin feels like a real person to the touch and the details of its eyes, breasts, vagina, and pores are very lifelike, and it's precisely because of the unique and intimate experience that sex with a mini sex doll can provide that there's a surge in their popularity in the sex toy market.

Advantages of Mini Sex Dolls

Compared to full-size sex dolls, mini sex dolls are generally 120cm-140cm in size and offer significant stature advantages, such as compact size and ease of portability and storage. At the same time, due to their smaller size, it is easier to change positions when using them, which is especially friendly for some people with less physical strength. Mini sex dolls are also an ideal choice for those with limited mobility.

Vaginal Options for Mini Sex Dolls

The vaginal options for silicone mini sex dolls are something that needs to be carefully considered before purchasing. Since everyone has different preferences, choosing the right mini silicone doll for you needs to be considered from several angles.
The depth of a mini silicone doll's vagina is typically 6 inches - 7 inches, which translates to 15-17 centimeters in length when converted to centimeters. According to Wikipedia, the average length of an erect human penis is 13.12 centimeters (5.17 inches) in length, while the average length of an erect human penis is 13.12 centimeters (5.17 inches) in length. The average girth of an erect human penis is 11.66 centimeters (4.59 inches), so a human penis can be fully inserted into the vagina of a mini silicone doll without causing any harm.
The vagina of Mini sex dolls is less than 4.3 inches in circumference, which can completely wrap around your penis as if it were being sucked by a vacuum, generating intense pleasure without the need to worry about the penis being too big to penetrate, their vaginal material is usually soft and flexible silicone or TPE, which can accommodate thick penises, while the texture of the inside of the vagina mimics that of a real one, making the sexual experience similar to that of a real person, and even more intense.

Types of Vaginas for Mini Sex Dolls

There are 3 types of vaginas for Mini sex dolls, fixed vagina, removable vagina and lubricant-free vagina.

Fixed vagina is not removable, not easy to break, suitable for long-term use, but cleaning work is more difficult.
Removable vagina is usually a tube made of TPE material, which is removable, the outside is relatively smooth and easy to insert and remove, the inside is the same structure with texture and is very stable, it can be used with lubricant, for beginners, removable vagina is the ideal choice.
Lubricant-free vagina can automatically secrete lubricant when having sex, these lubricants are water, you need to drip 5-10 times into the vagina by yourself, some vaginas have a special mucous membrane inside that can store water and secrete water, giving the feeling of lubricant.

Choosing Tiny Sex Dolls for Beginners

Mini sex dolls are usually made of TPE, silicone and BJD (ball joint doll), for beginners, it is recommended to choose TPE dolls with softer material, realistic and easy to manipulate. Silicone dolls, on the other hand, are relatively hard and more suitable for experienced users.